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  It`seasyto dismiss asabsurdthefederal govemment's ideas for plugging the chronic funding gapofournationalparks.Can anyonereally think it's a good idea to allow Amazon deliveries to yourtentin Yosemite orfood trucks to line up under the redwood trees at Sequoia National Park?
  Buttheadministration isright about one thing:U.S.national parks are in crisis.Collectively theyhavea maintenance backlog ofmorethan S12 billion Roads.trails.restrooms.visitor centers and other infrastructure are crumbling
  Butprivatizingandcommercializing the campgrounds would not be a cure-all.Camperounds areatinyportionoftheoverall infastructure backlog.and concessionaires in the parks hand over onaverage.only about 5%oftheir revenues to the National Park Service.
  Moreoverincreased privatization would cetainly undercut one ofthe maior reasons why 300 million visitors cometothe parkseach yearto enjoy nature and get a break from the commercial drumbeat that overwhelms daily life
  The real problem is that the parks have been chronically starved of funding.An economic survey of700U.S.taxpayers found that people would be willing to pay a sienificant amount of moneyto make surethe parks and ther procrams are keptimact Some 81%ofrespondents san theywould bewillingto pavadditonaltaxes for the next 10 vears to avoid anv cuts to the national parks.
  The nationalparks providegreat value to U.S.residents both as places to escape and as symbolsofnatureOntopofthistheyproduce value from their extensive educational programs.their positive impact onthe climatethrough carbon sequestration.their contribution to our culfural and artisticlifeandofcourse through toursm The parks also help keep America's past alive workingwiththousandsoflocaljurisdictionsaround the country to protect historical sites and to bring the stories of these places to life
  Theparksdo allthisonashoestringCongress allocates only$3 billion a year to the nationa parksystemanamountthat has been flat since 2001(in inflation-adjusted dollars)with the exceptionofaonetimeboostin2009Meanwhile.the number of annual visitors has increased by morethan 50%since 1980.and now stands at 330 million visitors per year.
  26.What problem are US national parks faced with?
  A.Decline of business profits.
  B.Inadequate commercialization.
  C.Lack of transportation services
  D.Poorly maintained infrastructure
  【参考答案】D Poorly maintained infrastructure.
  解析:问美国国家公园面临着什么问题,根据problem,US national parks回到原文定位,文中提到:“美国国家公园正处于危机之中。他们总共有超过120亿美元的维护费用积压下来没有拨款。”(U.S.national parks are in crisis.Collectively,they have a maintenance
  backlog of more than$12 billion.)所以美国国家公园面临着维护缺钱的问题,即基础设施维护不良。
  27.Increased privatization ofthe campgrounds may
  A.spoil visitor experience B.help preserve nature
  C.bring operational pressure D.boost visits to parks
  【参考答案】A.spoil visitor experience
  解析:问增加露营地的私有化可能会如何,根据关键词privatization,the campgrounds回到原文定位,文中提到:"增加私有化肯定会削弱每年3亿游客来公园的主要原因之一:享受自然,从淹没日常生活的商业鼓声中得到喘息。”(increased privatization would certainly undercutone ofthe major reasons why 300 million visitors come to the parks each yeartoenjoynature and get arespite from the commercial drumbeat that overwhelms daily life.)所以增加露营地的私有化可能会让游客仍然受到商业的影响,不能更好地享受自然,即破坏游客体验。
  28.According to Paragraph 5,most respondents in the survey would
  A.go to the national parks on a regular basis.
  B.advocate a bigger bud get for the national parks.C.agree to pay extra for the national parks.D.support the national parks’recent reforms
  【参考答案】C.agree to pay extra for the national parks.
  解析:问调查中的大多数受访者会如何,根据关键词respondents,the survey回到原文定位,文中提到:"约81%的受访者表示,他们愿意在未来10年缴纳额外的税款,以避免任何削减国家公园的开支。”(Some 81%ofrespondents said they would be willing to
  pay additional taxes for the next10 years to avoid any cuts to the national parks.)所以调查中的大多数受访者会愿意额外缴纳税款,即同意为国家公园支付额外的费用。
  29.The national parks are valuable in that they
  A.lead the way in tourism.B.have historical significance.
  C.sponsor research on climate D.provide an income for the locals.
  【参考答案】B.have historical significance.
  解析:问国家公园很有价值因为它们怎么样,根据关键词the national parks,valuable回到原文中定位,文中提到,这些公园还有助于让美国的历史充满活力,与全国数千个地方司法机构合作,保护包括埃利斯岛和葛底斯堡在内的历史遗迹,并让这些地方的故事变得生动起来。”(The parks also help keep America's past alive,working with thousands of local jurisdictionsaroundthe country to protect historical sites-including Ellis Islandand Gettysburg-and to bring the stories of these places to life.)所以国家公园很有价值因为它们有助于让美国的历史充满活力,保护历史遗迹,即有历史意义。
  30.Itcan be concluded from the text that the national park system
  A.is able to cope with staffshortage.
  B.is able to meet visitor's demands.
  C.is in need ofa new price policy D.is in need of a funding increase
  【参考答案】D.is in need of a funding increase.
  解析:问国家公园体系如何,根据关键词the national park system回到原文中定位,文中提到:“国会每年只给国家公园系统拨款30亿美元--这一数额自2001年以来一直没有变化
  (以通货膨胀调整后的美元计算),除了2009年作为奥巴马刺激计划一部分的一次增加。与此同时,自1980年以来,每年的游客数量增长了50%以上,现在每年达到3.3亿人次。”(Congress allocates only$3 billion a vear to the national park system-anamountthat has been flat since 2001(in inflation-adjusted dollars)with the exception ofa onetime boost in 2009 as part of the Obama stimulus package Meanwhilethenumberofannual visitors has increased bv more than 50%since 1980 and now stands at 330 million visitors per year)可以得知,国家公园体系得到的拨款资金的增加。



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